2023 Opportunities

Each of us has been given the beginning of another year. Here we are at the beginning of 2023, imagining and wondering what is in store this year. God knows, we don’t. So, we plan and dream with open hands trusting Him with our unknowns.  

It is the time of year when there is lots of talk about improving. Everyone seems to have a unique twist to setting goals, forming habits, and developing personally. It’s a good time for us to think about our goals and what we will give our lives to this year.    

As followers of Christ, how is our goal-setting affected by our relationship with Him? One of the things which differentiates us is our eternal perspective. Life here is not the focus. We will not be here long. So, our goal setting keeps this in mind, and we live in the moment with an eternal mindset. 

We have a different system of values. How much is a character worth? How much is it worth to spend time each day in the Word? These things may not have much monetary value, but to a servant of Jesus, both are very valuable. Our focus is not only on losing weight and exercising more, but also on developing our character and becoming more like Jesus.     

May we never take for granted the gift we have been given. The life we have is precious, and we must make the most of our opportunities. It takes effort on our part to stay focused and not be distracted from God’s best by so many good things. 2023 will present us with opportunities we have not had before. Let’s engage the moments with an eternal perspective, valuing what God values, and focusing on His best for us.  

Blessings on your 2023! 
-Arlin Horst