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Here is some general information that you may find useful.

Receipt Letters
When you give, you will receive a thank you letter and receipt. You will also receive a self addressed envelope you can use to make your next gift to the ministry. It allows you to designate your gift and also to share a personal note or prayer request with us. Please retain your receipts if you plan to use them to ask for a tax deduction on your federal taxes.

Mailing List
We DO NOT automatically add you to our mailing list on receipt of your donation! If you wish to receive our newsletter, “Hope Horizons”, and our Prayer Guide, you must request to be added to our mailing list. You can email us here (hope@heraldsofhope.org). These publications are sent out approximately every six weeks or eight times per year. They will assist you in praying intelligently and effectively for the work you are supporting with your giving.

Below you will find ways to support the ministry. You can choose a specific fund to designate your donation to!

International Radio Broadcasts
The major portion of our annual budget is spent on international radio broadcasting. Our broadcasts have a potential audience of millions of people each and every week. Not all of these broadcasts are fully sponsored, so you can contribute to the one(s) you wish to help sponsor. We are currently broadcasting in the following languages:
Albanian – Albania
Amharic and Oromo – Ethiopia
Arabic – The Middle East, North Africa, Europe
English – North America, Africa, Asia, Europe
French – Quebec
Guarani – Paraguay
Hausa – Nigeria
Hindi – Northern India
Korean – North Korea
Mandarin – Mainland China
Nepali – Nepal
Pashto – Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Northern India
Spanish – Latin America
Swahili – Kenya
Turkish – Turkey

Bible Distribution
Each year thousands of HOPE Bibles are distributed (primarily in Africa) to those who would otherwise be unable to purchase one. Bibles are dropped shipped from the printer in Belarus to 5 African countries. We work with a network of local pastors to screen and fulfill the requests. A gift of $5 will provide enough funds for purchase and shipping of 1 Bible. Requests for Bibles are always greater than our ability to fund them!

Literature Distribution
Tracts, sermon booklets, and library boxes are in constant demand. Our 2 most requested tracts are “The Choice is Yours” and “Hope News.” Both of these tracts are being printed in Kenya in English and Swahili, and also in Nepali in the Southeast Asian country of Nepal.

Library boxes contain copies of most of our printed Bible teaching scripts in paperback book form. Donations are used for printing & mailing.

General Fund
While the General Fund (GF) may not seem to be directly contributing to ministry, there would be no ministry without it! The GF pays to keep the lights on & the computers running. It purchases paper & other supplies used in daily operations of the headquarters. It provides for the maintenance of our building and grounds. It also pays the salaries/wages of Staff, all of whose compensation is below market value. Your gift will enable us to continue this worldwide ministry.

You may listen to many of our programs, download the sermon audio and transcript, or share your favorites online.

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