Serving with HOH

Favorite things: a good coffee. long talks. watching the sun set. creating masterpieces with a pencil or camera.

Meaningful Bible verses: II Corinthians 10:3-7

Born and raised in Chambersburg, just under an hour from the Heralds of Hope office, I never knew HOH existed! After meeting the Horst family at an event unrelated to the ministry, I was intrigued but still unsure what the ministry they were involved in was.

When my term of service in North Carolina with Gospel Express was near completion, I found out that Heralds of Hope was looking for someone to fill a need they had, and I thought, “why not?” So, just over a year ago, I moved back to Pennsylvania and joined the team at Heralds of Hope. I learned so much in my time there, filling the Donor Office. I loved interacting with those who support the ministry and making sure all the information on file was up-to-date. They also gave me room to explore things that made me fulfilled and happy and offered me a platform to use those within the ministry.

Digital Marketing and Social Media has always fascinated me. I’ve dabbled in it for several businesses, and my time at HOH has given me ample opportunity to delve in even deeper. And of course, COVID-19 shutdowns definitely helped push me into it even more. I’m so grateful for the things I learned while serving full-time with HOH.

While I have moved back to North Carolina, I’m thankful that HOH is working with me as their Digital Marketer, and I look forward to working with them and continuing to learn and use the knowledge I have to help promote the Gospel into the whole world! Along with this, I will also continue to help with other projects that I am able to do remotely.

I am grateful to God for the time I was able to spend serving full-time with Heralds of Hope, for the Christian atmosphere, and focus on sharing the Gospel with all, both near and far.

– Luronda Hege

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