Words of Wisdom
January 10, 2021

Words of Wisdom

Passage: James 3:13-18

In our previous message from chapter 3, titled “The Monster Tongue,” we arrived at this conclusion: no human being, by cunning, logic, persuasion, or self-discipline can control this little member of our bodies. I likened the tongue to the demoniac whom Jesus met among the tombs. This man was often bound with chains by his fellow men in the hope that he could be controlled. But eventually, he broke the chains and resorted to his wild roaming, terrorizing the community. And we said that’s the way the tongue works.

By the time we get to the end of this study today, I want you to be able to say with confidence, “By God’s grace and my obedience to the prompting of God’s Spirit, I will exercise control over my tongue.” Does that mean you’ll never mess up, never blow it, and never lose control? Of course not, you’re still human. But once you begin to experience the power of God in this area of your life, I believe you will get excited about the results.


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