Show Me Your Faith
December 13, 2020

Show Me Your Faith

Passage: James 2:14-26

In the English language, we have a form of speech called an idiom. Idioms use words or phrases that have no logical connection to the subject we’re talking about. But they make sense to us because we understand how they’re used. There’s one particular idiom I’m thinking about in relation to our study today from James chapter two. The idiom is, "show me the money." Most often, when we use that phrase, the situation doesn’t actually involve money. We’re really asking for proof that the person is telling us the truth; are they willing to act on what they’ve said.


1 thought on “Show Me Your Faith”

  1. Thank you Bro. J. Mark for the message “Show me your Faith”
    A good reminder to keep our faith alive by taking action.

    God bless your ministry,

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