2 thoughts on “Of Men and Nations : Part 2”

  1. Hello J Mark,
    My wife and I enjoy listening to your teachings each week by Internet.
    You seem to be a very meticulous and detailed teacher especially these difficult to interpret and understand prophecies in Daniel.

    Not trying to mention this by way of correction but my way of letting you know we listen to your teachings with great interest and care.
    In this particular teaching when you were converting the value of 48,000,000 ounces of silver into today’s dollars I think you meant to say 1 1/4 billion with a B when you actually said one and a quarter million with an M.
    Very easy mistake to make it just got my attention, because of my interest in the value of silver.
    Praying that you and this ministry can continue to deliver God‘s word to the world.

    Thx. Dean

    1. Hi Dean,
      Thanks for listening and for your kind words. You are correct, it should’ve been 1.25 Billion.
      God bless you as you serve Him!
      J. Mark

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