Don’t Miss Your Moment : Part 1
March 21, 2021

Don’t Miss Your Moment : Part 1

Passage: Luke 19:28-48

Have you ever missed an important moment in your life because you were expecting something different than what actually happened? The people of Jesus’ day were no different; because they didn’t believe His words, they missed out on being part of His kingdom. Missing their moment had tragic, eternal consequences.

Pastor J. Mark’s teaching today is from Luke’s gospel and is titled, “Don’t Miss Your Moment.” As we enter the Easter season, we will spend the next few programs focusing on this history changing event. We hope you can join us.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Miss Your Moment : Part 1”

  1. The message was very inspiring to me.It’s helping me get ready to celebrate Easter. I like the challenge about looking for Jesus in my every day activities! Keep up the good work. I’m looking forward to Herolds of Hope coming to the Wooster area specifically to East Union Mennonite church!

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