Christmas Program
December 20, 2020

Christmas Program


The miracle of the Incarnation is so amazing – Emmanuel – God with us! That God would veil Himself in human flesh defies human logic. The powerful condescending to the powerless? That’s not how the world works! But that’s how God works. We know, our lives have been transformed because Christ was born!

On today’s program, instead of our usual exposition from the Scripture, we’ll be celebrating the birth of the Savior with a variety of musical selections focusing on different aspects of His coming to earth as a baby.

So, sit back, reflect, and worship, as we ponder afresh the meaning of the Incarnation - the Word became flesh and lived among us. What joy that should bring to us.


4 thoughts on “Christmas Program”

  1. Praise His Name, for His love,mercy, and grace. He so abundantly shows His people ! Because of His transforming power in our lives, we can have Joy regardless of circumstances around us. Praise His Name !!

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