Saints on the “Silk Road”

The Central Asian countries of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Azerbaijan are extremely difficult places to be a Christ-follower. Expressing interest in Christianity can mean tapped phone conversations, violent church raids, and exorbitant fines.

The Central Asian republics, except for Kyrgyzstan, have become hotbeds of persecution. In most of these countries, the predominant religion is Islam, meaning converts to Christ bear the brunt of persecution from the state, family, friends, and the community. Yet, people in this region are finding hope in Christ.

One former Muslim testified that he received a Bible (via Open Doors) and is now a Christ-follower. He said, “God revealed to me how precious I am to Him and that it doesn’t matter if I have an earthly family or not. I learned to look at myself through His eyes and learned to respect and love myself. My life absolutely changed thanks to this small book.”

Trans World Radio operates a powerful “Silk Road” AM transmitter reaching these Central Asian countries. Currently, there are just a few hours of programming each day in the major languages of the region. For truth-seekers and new converts, biblical teaching is of paramount importance! And TWR would welcome us to place our programs on this transmitter.

At Heralds of Hope, we are praying and asking God how we can help reach this region of the world that is so dramatically underserved with the Gospel.

We invite you to join us in praying for the salvation of the people of Central Asia. Pray too for those already following Christ in this hostile environment. Pray for our Board of Directors as they consider this opportunity. And pray for the needed funds to make it a reality.

Thanks so much for your partnership, you are touching so many with the HOPE of the Gospel.

Sincerely in the HOPE of the Gospel,
J. Mark Horst, President

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