Hope Herald

The Hope Herald began publication in 1976. For radio listeners, it was a supplement to the sermons that they were hearing on-air. The topics and questions presented by these booklets made for a very popular discipleship resource. Without the world-wide-web, radio and print were the only means we had to communicate the Gospel and to edify disciples. Today, for much of Africa, that is still the case.

But print is not dead to the first world either. How many of you use a Sunday School quarterly or other Bible study materials? The third world does not have access to many such resources. But they can receive a Bible Study Guide, once a year, the same way they receive the Hope Bible: in the mail, or through a partner ministry. We aim to equip those who are poor in resources and rich in faith to learn more about God.

On the radio, they can hear the Word. With a Hope Bible, they can read the Word. And with a Hope Herald, they can learn how to study the Word and to discuss important questions with fellow believers.

Annual Bible Study Guide
& Discipleship Resource