Prayer & Fasting : April

The first Monday of each month is our prayer and fasting day here at Heralds of Hope. We welcome YOU to join us wherever you reside in the world!

Dear Praying Partners:

Read Acts 15:1-21.  Then join us to

Magnify the Lord for:
• HOPE messages in Pashto language (Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Northern India)
• salvation by grace through faith
• the gift of the Holy Spirit
• the TWR production team
• sponsors of our Pashto programs

Pray the Lord to:
• protect the TWR production team
• open eyes blinded to the Truth
• bring peace to the traumatized
• grant grace to the suffering ones
• cause seeking ones to find
hope and peace in Jesus

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Please leave a comment with your prayer request or testimony of praise! We love to hear from you.

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