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In approximately 2005, Pastor Fred Porcalla from Panabo City Philippines contacted me by email at Heralds of Hope. He and his wife, Lanny, were wondering if we would come to the Philippines to do some pastoral training and also a marriage seminar for the pastors. After several more invitations, we finally traveled to the Philippines in April of 2014!

During our time there, we learned more about New Life in God’s Word Ministries, led by the Porcalla’s. They give oversight to several churches in the Panabo City area of Mindanao. (Mindanao is the 2nd-largest island of the Philippines.) They focus primarily on reaching the unreached tribal peoples living in the mountainous areas surrounding Panabo City.

Religiously, about 81% of Filipinos are Roman Catholic, with the rest comprised of Protestant, Orthodox, and other smaller groups. However, there are tribal groups that are unreached with the Gospel.   

In response to their request, we helped Pastor Fred acquire a “motorcab,” a motorcycle with an extended rear axle and a small cab that can comfortably hold 4-6 people. This functions as a taxi and provides income to support his family and ministry.

A May 2020, seminar was planned, but was cancelled due to the pandemic.  

Written by J. Mark Horst, President of Heralds of Hope, Inc.

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