Pastor Joe Omondi holds prison and village evangelism crusades. He also oversees the distribution of our HOPE Bibles, Swahili Bibles, and the printing of our two tracts, The Choice is Yours and Hope News in English and Swahili.

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We have been blessed to partner with Pastor Joe. He was introduced to Heralds of Hope through our Swahili language broadcast aired in his home town of Eldoret, Kenya. He said, “I listened to it every time as long as I can remember, since I came to know the Lord.” Pastor Joe did not grow up in a Christian family and knows suffering well. With his absent father and imprisoned mother, he worked for 60 Kenyan shillings a month (around half a US dollar).

Joe received Christ as his Lord on July 28, 1988 and knew he needed to share his new-found faith. Homeless and sleeping in a local church one night he heard God say; “I have called you to minister to my people by my Word. Go and minister to my people by my Word.” Although he didn’t understand what that meant at the time, God has used Pastor Joe in many marvelous ways ministering to inmates and villagers by holding crusades and sharing the Word of God to them.

Pastor Joe holds many prison crusades across Kenya where he shares the love of Christ with the prisoners and gives HOPE Bibles and sometimes other hygiene products. In women’s prisons, he shares baby formula with mothers. (It is not unusual for children up to the age of 2 to stay with their mother inside the prison system.)

Also as he travels across the country, he shares in villages where the Gospel of Christ is not shared as prevalent. A few days before COVID-19 lock-downs were put into place, they were able to pass out rice and other necessities to families in need with the help of CAM and HOH. Pastor Joe and his team also facilitate helping villagers to know how to farm crops for their families and villages by teaching practical farming skills.

His team has also helped some young people pursue their dreams of a recording studio, to create Godly music for their country.

Each November, the local body holds a “Mercy Galore” conference in their church building. Their goal for this event is to feed the flock. They often have around 300 people for this event.

One lady who often lost her babies at birth attended this event in 2018. She was anointed and prayed over and this year she had a living baby – her first from seven previous pregnancies!

Pastor Joe

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