Vijay and Sukanya Singapogu oversee training programs for pastors (Hope Bible Training Institute), as well as women’s sewing classes that reach Hindu women. They also conduct village Summer Bible Camps. He also translates and voices our Telugu broadcast.

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Pastoral Training & Leadership Conferences

Vijay is passionate about raising up strong, Christian leaders. Hope Bible Training Institute (HBTI) has trained over 300 pastors and evangelists native to India. Those attending HBTI are saved and are called to church-planting and sharing HOPE with others. Many of these have these burdens fr their people, but do not have the necessary tools to effectively minister and plant churches, so we host Pastors’ Training Seminar to cover a major Bible doctrine once a month.

HBTI also has a regular Bible School program where a student can attend classes 2 days a week for 3 years. This groups does an in depth study of each of the 66 books of the Bibles. The other 3 days of the week are spent sharing the Gospel in their communities. Currently there have been 25 graduates of this program and 25 village church plants in areas where there was no Gospel teaching or pastor/evangelist available!

Vacation Bible School

The unreacjed children in India are about 40% of the 1.3 biliion people. We conduct Hope Bible School classes every summer in 40 villages to reach out to children. Each main village also reaches 5 surrounding villages for a total of 200 villages. For an entore day, we share a Bible story, a missionary story, Bible story coloring pages, and teach them memory verses and Gospel songs. This has brought the Gospel and transformation to thousands of children. 1HOM Pamphlet, Vijay Singapogu, 2019

Many HBTI pastors have caught this vision and are holding weekly Sunday Bible School classes for the children in their villages!

Sukanaya has written and composed 45 children’s songs. She had worked with Child Evangelism Fellowship before we started HOM. She is an accomplished child evangelist working among children for 39 years. It is a big ministry reaching several thousand children every year. 2HOM Pamphlet, Vijay Singapogu, 2019

Bible Distribution

Sewing Classes

Vijay’s wife, Sukanya has a heart for the women in her country and community. She started the sewing centers to help abandoned and abused women find HOPE in Christ. By helping these women with sewing machines, they are able to support themselves and their families. Many of the husbands of these women see a visible change in their wives and also come to know the Lord! Over 200 women have been saved after attending the sewing class and Bible Studies. 3HOM Pamphlet, Vijay Singapogu, 2019

Telugu Language Broadcast

Pastor Vijay also translates and voices our Telugu broadcast. His team also facilitates follow-up care, which includes taking phone-calls, emails and mail requests from the listeners. Leading them to Christ, answering requests for Bibles, and even physical needs of the listeners. Pray for them as they do this Kingdom work.

Below is Vijay’s vision for the Telugu broadcast.

“My vision for the Telugu broadcast is to edify the Church in India so the believers and new believers in the Lord would find the truth in the Holy Scriptures to be a source of strength, comfort, and encouragement to them in their day to day life. The Church in India is malnourished and it needs the nurturing from the Word of God. Radio is a good tool to the people of India, although it is not the best attention gett-er, as TV has taken the place of radio. Once upon a time, radio was the only Christian media source but now very few people use radio here. But still we believe the power and strength from the Word of God will reach the hungry and thirsty for righteousness wherever they are. 

We believe radio broadcasts would play a pivotal role now especially because of COVID-19. Church services are closed so the Christian folk who cannot access the internet or computer are looking for any other source for spiritual food. They live mostly in the villages and interior villages. Radio broadcasts can meet their spiritual needs now since they cannot go out of their houses. That is what the listener said recently. She said, ‘Due to COVID-19, we do not have worship services and cannot go to Church. The message on the radio filled the gap and helped our family to worship the Lord and be encouraged by the Holy Scriptures.’  And due to COVID-19, believers meet in their homes to worship the Lord, many of them illiterate, situated in the interior villages. They would find it helpful to study the Scriptures, learning from the radio broadcasts.”

“Due to COVID-19, we do not have worship services and cannot go to Church. The message on the radio filled the gap…” 

-Telugu broadcast listener

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