Our Vision, Mission, and Values

Vision: We will use media to make disciples of Jesus Christ to accomplish the Great Commission in our lifetime.  

Why: Because we believe the Great Commission can be accomplished in our lifetime, the Word of God changes lives, and everyone should be a disciple of Jesus. 

Mission: We are your channel to produce and distribute Bible teaching programs and literature worldwide.
1. We enable you to reach the unreached with the gospel, in a language you do not speak, right from home.
2. We network with in-culture believers to supply Bibles and produce simple and engaging, Biblically accurate, culturally relevant Bible teaching in print and audio.
3. We use media (internet, radio, and the printed page) to spread the message to every tribe and tongue.

Values: As board members, employees, partners, and volunteers, we are committed to: 

1. Our triune God and His unchanging, inspired, inerrant Word: The Bible. 
2. Developing our listeners and readers into passionate followers of Jesus Christ with visible fruit of holy living. 
3. Focusing on expository teaching of the Scriptures. 
4. Our Anabaptist hermeneutic of literal Biblical interpretation and application. 
5. Placing priority on the “unreached” and “unengaged” people around the world. 
6. A Biblical standard of ethics in all business, ministry, and relationship matters; we will choose integrity above appearance. (2 Corinthians 8:21)
7. Growth in our spiritual, emotional, relational, and vocational spheres.

Updated July 2021.