Opportunities: Tower Extension

Here at Heralds of Hope, we focus on radio ministry and Bible/literature distribution. It is our goal to keep this our focus and continue to grow in both areas. Sometimes we learn about needs which don’t fit in either category, but the request moves us, and we want to help. I would like to tell you about a project brought to our attention recently and invite you to help.

First, a little background: due to the sensitive nature of the need, I can’t be specific with names or locations. The reach of the internet is large, and we don’t want the information publicly accessible. But we heard about this request and wanted to help. So, we are making the need known to you through this blog.

Vagueness is necessary because this project is in a predominantly Islamic region of the country. The radio station would like to increase their impact in this Muslim area. To do this effectively, they need to raise the height of the tower so their signal can reach further. This added height will increase the reach for Christian radio programs broadcast by the station. They do not want to risk raising the funds in their own country lest the wrong person hear about it and take out the tower.

We are asking you for your help. We are bringing this request to you our listeners/followers to help raise support for this tower extension. The cost of the extension will be about $8,000, and so far, we have received $3,500. If you want to help, label your donation, “Tower Extension.”

Thanks for considering this request.   
-Arlin Horst

If you would like the ambiguity cleared up, please contact me.

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