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In The Office

Things are a bit different around the office with spring trips cancelled. The staff have sent out packets with ministry information to many donors across America. We are praying these will be an encouragement to many and show how the radio and Bible ministry is touching many lives around the globe.. We also are praying fervently for our Muslim friends and neighbors during Ramadan (April 24 – May 23) that they would find JESUS! The only true source of freedom and joy. We still have a few prayer guides available, if you would like to join us in prayer for the Muslim world, please email us here and we will send you a guide (we did have to order these so a donation would be appreciated).

*illustration by Oleksandr Panasovskyi from Noun Project
Now Let’s Travel Together! 

We’re going to take a trip around the globe. Buckle your seat-belt, we’re almost ready for take-off!


On our first stop in Europe, we meet a Radio7 listener from Kosovo who says, “I want to say that your program has given me strength to look ahead and to achieve the impossible. It has shown me to have faith in God, to ask him for forgiveness for my mistakes, and to rely [on Him]. I love this program! I would really love to have one of that big book (referring to the Bible) that the speaker refers to during the program.”Image

As we travel into Africa we make a stop in Nigeria we meet a listener who shares his heart and mission; “I am a regular listener of this program for seven years. I love the messages. I have gained knowledge from the message and they are Spirit filled radio messages which inspired me for my local ministry.”


Pastor M take us to a small village in Malawi and we meet many believers who have never had a Bible of their own. He did not have enough Bibles to give to each believer, but was able to give them food and soap to help them continue to sustain themselves.

In Ethiopia, we meet up with Pastor A who works with the Ethiopian Brethren Churches. He explains to us the devastation the lock-down from COVID-19 has brought to many people in their country. Many people had night jobs and all of them lost those jobs when curfews were set in place to lessen the spread. Most of these people were living on a day-to-day basis for food needs already and now this only makes the problem worse. Would you consider donating so Pastor A can buy rice and beans to distribute?

In a few weeks we’ll continue this trip and fly to Asia where we’ll meet Changming. And hear from Johanna in South America as well as Andre in North America! We look froward to learning more about what God is doing in the lives of many people around the globe through radio and Bible distribution.
*illustration by Tinashe Mugayi from Noun Project
Testimonies edited for brevity and clarity.
* names were changed to protect the identity of the listeners.

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