Literature Ministry


What Is A HOPE Bible?
We developed the “Hope Bible” with several key principles in mind:
It must be accurate – it is printed in the trusted King James Version.
It needs to be durable – Bibles are always in demand, so why send a copy of God’s Word that will be easily damaged or quickly worn?
It should be helpful – Though this is not a study Bible, we felt there were several supplements that would be helpful to a new believer, such as: Steps to Salvation, to help them lead others to salvation in Jesus Christ; How to Study The Bible, practical tips and Biblical authority; and Christian Character Traits, with verses. We also insert a One-Year Bible Study Guide, as well as a List of Special Chapters representing key themes: Love, Repentance, Humility, etc.

What Does It Cost, Approximately? (2019)
$3 per book, from 10 to 18 books.
7 Tracts, $2 total
10-Bible Box = $32; up to $56 for 18 Books
10-Bible Box = $53; up to $97 for 18 Books
10-Bible Box = $85; up to $153 for 18 Books
AVG BOOK COST: $8.50 from the Heralds of Hope office, $5.00 direct from the publisher in Belarus.


What Is It?
In the early days of Heralds of Hope broadcasts, listeners began to request our program scripts. We took it a step further and began compiling sermon series into booklets and paperbacks. In order to expand the discipleship aspect of the ministry, we decided to make a small library of these books available to our listeners. We added tracts and a careful selection of other books to round out this gift.
One book we have added recently is “My Quiet Time With God” by Jon Kropf. It is a devotional book with questions and blanks, arranged in a comparative overview of both Testaments.
Some of the other books we include touch such subjects as Bible study methods, prayer, Bible doctrines, and an excellent resource on assurance of salvation (available on our PR table).
All these, and more, are available at your request. Whether you would like to know more about the materials we distribute, or would like to order solid discipleship resources for yourself and your church, we will be glad to assist you.

What Does It Cost, Approximately? (2019)
150 Tracts = $3
17 Literature = $3.50
29 Books = $41
Packaging = $1
Shipping = $53 (This is the cost of shipping via USPS’ ISAL service. One or two of our countries is limited to Priority Mail, which adds $25-50 in cost.)
TOTAL COST – $102 (This does not include labor, which varies, nor the cost of shipping from our publisher.)
AVG BOOK COST: $3, shipped from our offices.

To request Bibles or materials for your library, click here. All materials we ship are free of charge; no materials we ship may be sold. All requests will be checked for validity.

In order to fulfill our international Bible and literature requests, we request the following custom’s information…
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