Let’s Fly Again!

In The Office  
We have been honored to host Pastor Ohene Kumi from Torch Ministries in Ghana for the past several weeks. As you may recall, Ohene was going to be with us as we traveled to the mid-West on our Spring Tour. Ghana closed its borders to everyone a couple of days before his return flight. So he is stranded here away from his family. Pray with us that he will be able to return home soon!  

The Summer Fundraiser for our Arabic, Nepali, and Guarani language broadcasts is in full swing. Each of the donations given in this fundraiser is matched TWICE, making even the smallest donation go a long way! We are so grateful for each of you who have given towards these broadcasts – many will thank you in Heaven as well for the generosity you shared in giving them the Gospel in their mother tongue.  

If you would like to have your donation matched, you can donate here!  (Please select the radio language you would like to help sponsor.)


Let’s Fly Again!

Last time, we met people in several countries in Africa. Today we’ll finish up by visiting one more country in Africa. You may remember Ghana is the country where Pastor Ohene is from. In the video below, Ohene shares how Torch Ministries started with just a prompting from God, and a soccer ball. Take a listen to what Ohene has to share about his growing ministry to West Africa!          

In China, we meet Changming*, a radio listener who says, “We are very excited that God had sent His messenger, Pastor K to lead us into the 40 days of fasting, I believe God wants to do something big through us, our families and country. The time is here, and I am very happy and excited as we have a share of this heavenly blessing. Together with China and the whole world, we can have revival. What a great mercy from God! In the 40 days of fasting, we pray for God’s mercy to forgive the sins, to stop the pandemic in China and Wuhan, and to bless China and Wuhan with His peace! May God bless the Chinese church with peace and unity.”  

Tej* from Nepal told us, “I’m not a believer, yet because of its teaching that touched me, I listened to this program. Thank you for broadcasting this program.”  


We also meet Suku* in Nepal. She has a heart disease and is too poor to pay for treatment. We were able to help her pay a portion of her medical expenses. We are so grateful for your help in reaching Suku* not only with her medical bills but also by sharing the love of Jesus with her!    

Latin America  

From Nepal, we travel to the other side of the world, and in South America, we meet Johanna* and her family.   “Your program and the other programs [on RTM] have helped to edify my spiritual growth. At this moment, I have just completed listening to you for one year. I have surrendered my life to the Lord, along with my husband and my daughter. They are very good programs.”  


North America  
Now we’ll travel north to our continent where we’ll hear from Andre* who lives in Quebec and stumbled across the French Broadcast one day.   “Until recently, I never heard of the topics which were discussed. But then one day, I listened to one of the programs by chance and was deeply touched. I want to know more and would like to have a Bible.”  

Merle* lives in the USA and listens to one of the 30-minute programs we air in several States. You can find the list of stations here to find one near you or listen online here!   “I enjoy listening regularly to your radio program on WDAC. I try not to miss any of your broadcasts. I believe your teaching is Biblically sound.”    

* names were changed to protect the identity of the listeners.   Testimonies edited for brevity and clarity.  

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