International Broadcasts

The major portion of our annual budget is spent on international radio broadcasting. Why Radio? Our “Hope For Today” broadcasts have a potential audience of millions of people every week. Not all of these broadcasts are fully sponsored, so you can contribute to the one(s) you wish to help sponsor.

We are currently broadcasting in the following languages:
Albanian – Albania
Amharic – Ethiopia
Arabic – The Middle East, North Africa, Europe
English – North and South America, Africa, Asia, Europe
French – Quebec
Guarani – Paraguay
Hausa – Nigeria
Hindi – India, N.
Kazakh – Kazakhstan
Korean – North Korea
Macedonian – North Macedonia
Mandarin – China, E.
Nepali – Nepal
Oromo – Ethiopia
Pashto – Afghanistan, Pakistan, and NW India
Russian – Central Asia
Spanish – Latin America, Spain, U.S.
Swahili – Kenya
Tajik – Tajikistan
Telegu – India, S. & Central
Turkish – Turkey
Uzbek – Uzbekistan

Listen to our programs in several languages. Here is a non-exhaustive list of our international broadcasts through TWR. Here is the printable list, last updated in 2019.

Our Canadian Broadcast List is found here, along with links to Aujuord’hui l’Espoir and our partner on the Wawatay Radio Network, “Without Reservation.”

Other radio partners include:
Radio 7 (Albania, part of Media 7)
Shema Media Group (Turkey, five stations, and growing)
Pan American Broadcasting, whose affiliates include Radio Africa, Bible Voice Broadcasting (English, Arabic, & Korean), Joyful Skies (Israel), and the Baghdad Beacon. See schedule.

Additional partner ministries are featured here. Come to one of our programs to learn more.

Our news archives are located here.

INTERNATIONAL CONTACT FORM – Submit a question or request here.