HOPE to Macedonia

North Macedonia is located in the Balkans; east of Albania, north of Greece, west of Bulgaria, and south of Serbia. It has over 2,000,000 inhabitants of 22 different people groups of which 9 are unreached! Which means over 40% of these people groups are unreached. Many of these people are Greek Orthodox, Islamic, or practice a cultural religion. There have been many ethnic and religious clashes in this country.

The Macedonian government and people have gone to great lengths to keep the Macedonian language and culture alive. They are using multiple facets to accomplish this task; these include education, art, and mass communication techniques. Therefore, the timing for this broadcast is perfect to help uphold their language, while also bringing them HOPE of the Gospel message.

Radio 7, our radio partner in Albania, has recently started airing Hope for Today in Macedonian to the country of North Macedonia. Because of political instability and media regulation, this is the first Christian radio station in the entire country! Гласници на Надежта (Heralds of Hope) airs every Saturday and Sunday at 8:00 AM. We are grateful to them for seeing this need and using our program to reach the people of North Macedonia with the Gospel.

The costs for this broadcast have been covered by a congregation of Christ followers. We thank God for them and the vision they have for the North Macedonians.

You can give to any other broadcasts that are currently unfunded or underfunded. Select the broadcast you would like to support in the list given.

If you, your business, or church would like to sponsor a broadcast to a specific region, please connect with us and we will see how we can arrange it for you.

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