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Receive Your Own Copy of the Word of God!

“For the Word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword…” Hebrews 4:12

We are passionate about the Word Of God! This is why we offer a free* Hope Bible to those who are in need of a copy of God’s Word.

Whether you are already a disciple of Jesus, one who seeks truth, or simply curious about what the Bible has to say, our free King James Bibles by mail offer you the trusted Word of God.

The Hope Bible Features

You may be wondering: “What do I get in return for my free Bible request”?* What is a Hope Bible? When you reach out to us for a free King James Bible by mail, you will receive the following:

King James Version

The most historic and trusted version of the Bible in English.

Durable Design

The Hope Bible is designed to last for years of use. With a hard cover, this Bible will with stand daily use with ease.

Study Resources

The Hope Bible contains multiple resources to help you study the word of God. Such as: One-Year Bible Study, a list of Christian Character Traits, Steps to Salvation and a How to Guide on Bible Study.

List of Special Chapters

The Hope Bible has compiled a list of Key Themes such as Love, Repentance and Humility.

*Due to overwhelming demand, we ask that you only request A Free King James Bible by mail if you do not already own a Bible.*

How to Recieve Your Very Own Hope Bible

In the United States

If you live in the United States and do not already have a Bible, you can receive 1 Hope Bible for free.

Outside the United States

Do you have a desire for the word of God but live outside the USA?

Bulk Requests

Are you burdened to share the Word of God with those who do not have access to it easily? Maybe you want to see those who do not speak English have a Bible in their own language? Contact us for more info!

How sweet are Your Words to my taste, sweeter THAN HONEY to my mouth!” Do you know who in the Bible said this? Did you know that these are the words of King David (a man after God’s own heart) in the book of Psalms? Can you relate to David’s love for the Word of God? Or perhaps your cravings for the Word of God have yet to be satisfied. Maybe you do not know how to describe what is driving you to acquire a FREE King James Bible by mail. Whether you are already a disciple of Jesus, a truth-seeker, or simply curious, our FREE King James Bibles by mail offers you the trusted Word of God.

More Spiritual Tools, Encouragement, and HOPE Await YOU!

Do you wish for prayer? Do you have questions about the Hope Bible or the meaning of life? Do you want more discipleship tools? Heralds of Hope offers you a free King James Bible, plus, multiple spiritual tools for learning more about Jesus. We are ready to walk with you in your spiritual journey!