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3 16 23

You are my source of encouragement

Hope for Today is reaching Hausa-speaking people in Nigeria, Africa. In fact, in a six-month span, we received 17,971 responses from listeners. What are Listeners…

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Can God Use Your Failure?

None of us like to think about failing. The word may bring unpleasant thoughts to us about failures in our own lives or in others…

2 27 23

A Peek at the HOH WhatsApp Chats

The weekend was a busy one on the Heralds of Hope WhatsApp account; our inbox was also overflowing with updates from our partners. It was…

2 14 23

What is the Purpose of the Law? Part 1

There are several different types of laws used to govern people: civil laws, Ecclesiastical law, natural laws, and even some unwritten cultural laws. Each one…

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Rays of Hope

So many people today have no hope. You see this in the increase in drug abuse, alcoholism, and suicide. Hope is essential to life. We…

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Truth First

Our children are at the age where they like to do puzzles. Typically, we dump the puzzle on the table and begin by flipping all…

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The Plague of Frogs

Sometimes when God answers prayer, the frogs stink a little. Sometimes God’s people suffer along with the wicked. The disaster may have ended, but the…

2023 Opportunities

Each of us has been given the beginning of another year. Here we are at the beginning of 2023, imagining and wondering what is in…

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