Central Asia Broadcast ADDITIONS!

In The Office

We have been so blessed this summer as we strove to reach the goal of raising funds for the Arabic, Nepali, and Guarani radio broadcasts. Without your generous gifts, we would not have reached this goal so quickly! We are grateful for your prayer and financial support.  

All overages that come in designated to the Summer Fund for International Broadcasts will be used to fund a NEW language broadcast to Central Asia. There is little Christian programming in the countries that make up this region since the predominant religions are Islam and Hinduism. 

J. Mark wrote in the June/July edition of the Hope Horizon, “The Central Asian republics, except for Kyrgyzstan, have become hotbeds of persecution. In most of these countries, the predominant religion is Islam, meaning converts to Christ bear the brunt of persecution from the state, family, friends, and the community. Yet, people in this region are finding hope in Christ.  

One former Muslim testified that he received a Bible (via Open Doors) and is now a Christ-follower. He said, ‘God revealed to me how precious I am to Him and that it doesn’t matter if I have an earthly family or not. I learned to look at myself through His eyes and learned to respect and love myself. My life absolutely changed thanks to this small book.’

Trans World Radio operates a powerful ‘Silk Road’ AM transmitter reaching these Central Asian countries. Currently, there are just a few hours of programming each day in the major languages of the region. For truth-seekers and new converts, biblical teaching is of paramount importance! And TWR would welcome us to place our programs on this transmitter.”

If you would like to sow into the ministry to Central Asia, donate here! (Select Central Asia Broadcasts)

Meet the Staff

In each issue, we will be highlighting one of our staff – both board and office staff members. We hope this will help you to be able to connect a face with the roles of the ministry.

Donna & I began serving with Heralds of Hope in the Fall of 2007. My responsibilities have included the finances, PR programs and relationships, and handling the English postal and email requests for Bibles and literature from around the world. Ministry Partner relationships in Africa and Asia who distribute our Bibles and literature have also been my responsibility.

In 2015, we moved to Harrisburg to be closer to our youngest daughter, Christa and 5 of our 10 grandchildren. We also helped with the development of Urban Lighthouse Ministries (ULM) Spanish church plant and school that Rod & Christa started. Since then, I have continued to work full time out of my home and travel to the office for planning meetings and record filing as needed

With our ages creeping upwards, and in preparation for retirement from HOH, Donna & I moved again the end of May to a 55+ community in Myerstown. We are closer to our daughter, Rachel, and our other 5 Grandchildren. This move also brings me closer to the six BMA Churches that I serve as overseer and closer to the new Lighthouse Thrift Store we started to support the ULM Spanish ministries in Harrisburg.

I praise God for bringing the Tony & Bev High family to serve at HOH this month. Plans are to work with J. Mark, Jeremy, and Tony until January of 2021, after the year-end audit is completed before retiring from HOH.

I praise God for ALL that He has done these last 13 years of my involvement with the HOH Ministry and the privilege I had to work with the Staff as well as the supporting and indigenous Ministry Partners! To God be the Glory GREAT things He has done!

For Christ & The Church
Bob Kauffman

Psalm 98 – read by Dr. J. Otis Yoder

Have you experienced the Lord giving you a new song?

It’s a blessing to have our hope renewed by His marvelous works! May you be encouraged as you listen to J. Otis Yoder read Psalm 98.

“O sing unto the Lord a new song; for he hath done marvelous things: his right hand, and his holy arm, hath gotten him the victory.” Ps. 98:1

HOPE to the World

We have ordered 30,000 Bibles that will be distributed in Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, and Malawi.

Thank you so much for helping many receive HOPE Bibles so they can read God’s Word from cover to cover!

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