Your First Bible

Do you remember your first Bible?

In my childhood, our Sunday School program had a system of rewards for attendance, memory work, bringing a Bible, etc. We were given blue “tickets” each Sunday for the things I mentioned, and, if my memory is correct, we could then exchange 5 blue tickets for a red one. We saved the tickets and eventually we could use them to “purchase” a reward from what we called “the ticket case.”

I remember as a child saving enough tickets to redeem them for my very own first Bible. This edition was called the “Rainbow Bible” and had a color cover with Jesus blessing the children. It also had a zipper to keep it closed. I remember how excited I was to finally earn enough tickets to have my own copy of the Scriptures. And unlike Tom Sawyer, I didn’t gain any of those tickets by trading. ???? I think I carried that Bible until it eventually came apart.

Today, I have the privilege of reading testimonies from people who have received their first copy of the Scriptures, provided for them by generous donors to Heralds of Hope. In Zimbabwe, a 58-year-old man who received a Bible in the Shona language. Here’s what Munyaradzi had to say.

I have been thinking over a couple days; How could this be possible that people whom I have not met or will never meet in this life, have a heart to bless me with the precious Word of God. Things are hard in Zimbabwe! Is this the way that God is showing me and my community that he loves us? Let me end by saying: Thank you Heralds of Hope. Thank you!

The pastor who sent this testimony said that Munyaradzi closed his testimony with a crack in his voice, fighting back tears! Can you imagine not having your first Bible until you’re almost 60 years old?

If you contributed to the year-end Bible fund project, we say THANK YOU! While we didn’t reach our goal of $250K, you contributed $161,000.00. That will purchase many Bibles to bless eager recipients like Munyaradzi.

And even though the year-end appeal is over, you still have the opportunity to contribute for Bibles.

We appreciate your partnership so much!
J. Mark Horst

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