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How exciting would it be if you could take a trip through Turkey, parts of Iran, Armenia, parts of Azerbaijan, Georgia (not the state), Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestinian Territories, Israel, parts of Saudi Arabia, Cyprus, and Egypt? I would be terrified! What if I told you that you could preach the Good News of Jesus Christ all along the way to anyone who would listen?

Thanks to generous partners, we broadcast solid Bible teaching for fifteen minutes a week. Not only are we able to do that in this volatile part of the world, but also into Northern Africa and Europe through TWR’s powerful Monte Carlo station.

Broadcasting like this enables Christians and seekers to discretely listen to Gospel messages. They find answers to their spiritual questions and turn to seek Christ. In reading Scripture, we see that God has a heart for all nationalities to hear the Good News, but it can be so difficult for Christians to share their faith in many parts of the world, especially in the countries that I mentioned above.

Radio creates a unique opportunity to send messages, hope, and the Gospel into the hardest-to-reach places. We have this opportunity, yet it is very costly to broadcast on these powerful AM transmitters; currently, we spend $5,000 per month for these services. We have felt that this part of the world desperately needs the Gospel message. Therefore, Heralds of Hope committed to broadcasting in Arabic even though only about 10% of the broadcast cost was covered last year. We were able to cover the rest with our Summer Matching fund. Would you assist us with this amazing opportunity?

–Tony High

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