The Men Behind the Mission

A vital part of every ministry is the Board of Directors who governs it. We are deeply grateful to God for the US and Canadian Boards!

Heralds of Hope Canada Board

We recently welcomed two new members, Leonard Weber and Merlin Martin. Leonard is a farmer, while Merlin owns a garage door business.

At the October meeting, the Canadian Board approved the 2018 budget for the French language ministry in Quebec. They also authorized continuing research into how to best reach First Nations communities by radio. We commend these men for their vision and commitment.

Heralds of Hope US Board

The US Board and Staff held our annual Christmas dinner on December 7th. About 50 people gathered for a wonderful evening of food and fellowship! After a delicious meal, we spent some time singing carols together. J. Mark and Joyce shared pictures from their recent trip to Nepal.

We praise God for the US Board as they guide the ministry in 2018 and beyond.


This is the front page article of the January/February Hope Horizons. View the entire newsletter here.

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