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5 19 22

Two things are happening at HOH which we want to share with you and ask you to pray for as God brings it to your mind. The first is: our English and Chichewa Bibles have shipped. The second is our Broadcast Adoption.

The Bibles have been in progress since last summer. So, it is exciting to finally be at this stage. Any day now, they will be arriving at the ports in the countries we are shipping them to. Then they need to clear customs and be delivered to our partners in each country. Our English Bibles will be shipped to 4 countries in Africa, and the Chichewa Bibles are all going to Malawi. We appreciate the support you have given for these Bibles and thank you for helping deliver God’s Word to the world. Please pray that these last steps could happen without drama and that the Bibles reach their destination. 

The second thing happening is our Broadcast Adoption. This is not new, but we continue to promote it every chance we get. We are working toward our goal of 200 broadcasts in 10 years. Currently, we are at 23 languages; we have a long way to go and lots of work to do. We are looking forward to working with individuals, businesses, and/or churches who are passionate about reaching a specific people group or area of the world. Pray that God would lead us as we put the systems in place to manage this program. We are also asking for God’s guidance as we connect people with broadcasts. This work is bigger than we are, but with God’s help and your support, we believe this goal is attainable.

-Arlin Horst
Arlin is currently traveling internationally. Pray for him that the connections he makes would be meaningful and the Gospel would be able to reach even further through these contacts.

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