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Have you ever heard something in a podcast, but you didn’t have time to write it down? Fear not, we have manuscripts! When you listen to Hope For Today on our website, you can read along with Dr. Yoder as he preaches. This also means you can print the page if you like and run your pen and highlighter to your heart’s content. It’s a little hard to do that with an audio file. 

But there’s more. With Hope For Today comes our international Bible study guide, the Hope Herald. For each broadcast, we have developed questions about the sermon and the Scripture passage. You can use these to deepen your thinking on the subject presented, remember the lessons longer, and start conversations with fellow believers and listeners. 

You can access Hope For Today episodes in the “Listen” portion of our website. These questions only follow the English broadcast. Other languages follow varying Bible study schedules. For instance, English HFT for 2022 is in the book of John, while another may be in Genesis, and another in 1 Corinthians. 

You can find the Hope Herald in the “Study” section, or by clicking the link on each Hope For Today’s episode page. 

As for The Voice of Hope, we are still working to get the manuscripts posted on each program page. I’m sure many of you who have requested sermon transcripts will appreciate this. 

This website is still a work in progress, with more features to be highlighted later as they become more functional. For instance, Hope For Today is multi-lingual, and we want our website to reach those tribes and tongues as well.

Keep us in your prayers.
-Eric W. Druist 

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