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I remember well my first introduction to Heralds of Hope about five years ago at a presentation at our church by J. Mark Horst and Bob Kauffman. As a North American believer, I have felt this tension of knowing the command of Jesus to go into all the world and make disciples, and yet also have a sense of calling right here in our home city. I had not been aware of the decades of hard work that Heralds of Hope had invested in using radio and print to reach near and distant cultures and countries with the Gospel, and how it was done with a small staff team and many supporters. The sense of renewed vision and commitment I saw that day laid the groundwork to later accept the opportunity to serve on the board.

It’s amazing to see other people also discovering what many committed donors knew all these years. The opportunities keep growing, and the list of languages Heralds of Hope broadcasts through the financial giving of donors continues to grow. The requests for literature and especially for Bibles continue to increase. I’ve watched Heralds of Hope ask themselves hard questions about how to expand their reach, how to create more opportunities for more involvement, how to responsibly manage the increase from God through their donors. What structure and processes have been helpful to the ministry, and what needs to be changed, eliminated, or improved. The board has also asked themselves hard questions about their roles and responsibilities; together, we are excited about the passion and vision being re-developing at Heralds of Hope.

Sometimes we North American Believers take for granted the gifts that have been given to us. The simple, plain truth of the Gospel, taught in an easy-to-understand expository manner, is an extraordinary gift and begs to be shared! It applies to all cultures and all educational backgrounds, and God is using it in astounding ways. The Gospel crosses borders and hostile boundaries in ways that human governments cannot stop, through Heralds of Hope by donors like you, recognizing the opening that our generation has. Thank you for being part of this!

–Tony Hollinger
Tony & Erika Hollinger live in Reading, PA, with their four children and attend Fairview Mennonite Church.  Tony serves on the board of Heralds of Hope.

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