Our Story, HIS Glory

There is a short but noteworthy phrase in Ruth 2. The phrase is small and seems to be mentioned as a passing thought. This “small event” turns out to be a big deal. At times, I believe our lives are similar. It is marvelous how God is working in the lives of His people to accomplish His plan. As His children, it is up to us to trust Him and live a life of surrender and worship.

This small but thought-provoking phrase in Ruth 2:3 says, “she happened to come to the part of the field belonging to Boaz.” To her, I am guessing it felt very random and inconsequential. From our perspective, gleaning in the field of Boaz and meeting him had huge ramifications. We know the rest of the story, how they married and were the ancestors of King David, as well as Jesus. It began when she just “happened” to be gleaning in the field of Boaz.

It is clear, from our perspective, how God used this in the life of Ruth and those after her.  She most likely never knew of her great-grandson and his accomplishments, much less her role in Matthew 1. However, she did know the God of Naomi, and her life was filled with meaning and purpose after she met Him. She could not go back to who she used to be. Her life was changed by the “God of Israel, under whose wings she had come to take refuge.” (2:12) She never saw the far-reaching effect of her decision. She was “just” living her life loving and trusting Him. What about you and me?

When we surrender, die to self, and start living for the King, our lives will be infused with purpose. We don’t know and can’t always see outcomes, but we know God and trust Him to orchestrate the details of our lives and relationships. Think about how this truth changes every moment of life. Each day and every moment are filled with His divine presence.

He is working in every circumstance, all the time. Are we living in this awareness? The Almighty God living in us and with us is more than we can earn or deserve. We are unworthy! However, we do our best to glorify Him in all things.

I believe this is how Ruth and Naomi were also living. We can see how God used “small things” in their story to write His story. May God help us trust Him in our “big” and “small” things so He can be glorified through us.

-Arlin Horst