Opportunity: Radio to Closed Countries

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When I heard about the new COVID variant, my first thought was, “Here we go again.” Life and disease are uncertain, but opportunities can be too. It seems like the best opportunities can present themselves in the worst of times. Our ministry partner in Eastern Europe has been given an incredible opportunity to acquire another station. In fact, they were invited to pursue the station by the national government.

If you are not aware, certain countries in this area are becoming increasingly hostile toward Christianity, and the governing body of broadcasting has not been open to Christian radio. Amid this environment, God has opened a way to expand. 

As people around the world are becoming weary of the continual bad news of COVID and its variants, I can see how radio and other media with a positive, Christ-centered message can be very appealing. This station would be the only Christian broadcasting of any kind in the area.  

How can you help? In order to purchase this station, our partner needs to raise $200,000 USD. There is currently $50,000 pledged towards the goal. They are working with multiple partners to pull together the required funding. 

Pray for this opportunity; in times like this, there can be opposition. 

-Tony High, Executive Director

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