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There are many different aspects to an organization like Heralds of Hope. Since I am relatively new to the organization, I am trying to understand it and fit all the pieces together. Recently, I was working in the mailroom. This is where we pack boxes and other mailings. Small requests fit in envelopes or small packages. Priority boxes and ISAL boxes are used to fill large requests for Bibles or literature. While working there, I was told we will pack Library Boxes next.

I was thinking, “Library Box? What do you do, send a library in a box?” As it turns out, this is fairly close to what actually goes in a Library Box. First, we pack the bigger books. Most of these are written by J. Mark Horst or J. Otis Yoder. The books are a compilation of their expositional teaching through specific books of the Bible. The space around the books is then filled with pamphlets and tracts. The pamphlets cover a variety of topics and subjects, most of them explaining practical Christianity. The reason for including tracts is so the receiver can share the Christian message with others in their area. There is a good amount of literature in the box, which is why it is called a Library Box.

As I packed the box, I thought about how blessed we are here. We have so many good resources. Think about it: books, devotionals, videos, podcasts, conferences, and the list goes on and on. We are definitely part of a privileged generation. May God help us use this opportunity to build His kingdom in us first and also in others! If you come across or have access to basic Christian literature worth sharing, let us know. We would love to see it. Who knows? Maybe we could include it in our library, then send it out in boxes. 

-Arlin Horst

Learn more about Library Boxes and other resources here:


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