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There are always those people that we describe as “horse-crazy.” Whether or not you fit into that category, you’ll likely enjoy the classic tale of Black Beauty by Anna Sewell. It is read dramatically by “Uncle J.” in this audiobook produced by Heralds of Hope.

Black Beauty is more than a “horse story.” It is a heartwarming tale that reinforces biblical and moral values. It is the compelling story of a spirited young thoroughbred that captured the hearts of readers throughout Victorian England when it was first published in 1877.

“Do you know why this world is as bad as it is? . . . It is because people think only about their own business, and won’t trouble themselves to stand up for the oppressed, nor bring the wrong-doers to light . . . My doctrine is this, that if we see cruelty or wrong that we have the power to stop, and do nothing, we make ourselves sharers in the guilt.”

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This audiobook is available in the following formats: audio CD set, flash drive, or as a digital download.

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– Rachel Horst

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