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Did you know that we send Bibles to other countries? Here is a compilation of testimonies from people who have received a Hope Bible from Heralds of Hope. We hope these testimonies can be an encouragement to you.

“We were praying to have a Bible, and today is the amazing day we received a gift of the Bible. Pass on our thanks to Heralds of Hope, we greatly appreciate them sharing the Word of God with us. Thanks for reaching out to everyone with the Word of God, we will be happy to study the Bibles in our homes and share the Word of God with our loved ones. God bless you all.” – Malawi

“We did not expect to receive this precious gift of a Bible!! We are so blessed!! We did not have a Bible and we were very hungry for the Word of God. We thank God, from now on we will be able to study our Bibles daily in our homes. God is good all the time indeed, and He is always good for all of us. Thank you, Jesus Christ! Pass on our thanks to Heralds of Hope, and we will be praying for them, to reach millions of lives with the Word of God.” – Malawi

“We did not expect to receive a Bible, but we know God knew that through Heralds of Hope, we will have the gift of the Bible. We have prayed for a long time to have a Bible, now God has answered. We happily say THANK YOU. We have an opportunity to study daily the Word of God, and be able to share with families, patients, and clients we are taking care of. Thank you so much and God bless you abundantly.” – Malawi

“I want to thank you and your ministry for the Bible sent to me dated Dec. 1988. I received it a month after my glorious conversion to Christianity from being a chronic Muslim. I met the saving grace of God on Wed. Nov. 30, 1988, at the age of 13. I was persecuted by my parents and driven away from my father’s house at the age of 15. The Bible you sent to me is still alive and it has been my study Bible to date. I don’t carry it out to preach, I use it for my study, and it has become a concordance because of the many portions that I have marked and highlighted.” (photo on right) – Pastor J., Nigeria

“Thank you so much for these gifts of Bibles. We are very glad today, as it was in our prayers daily for God to open doors for us so that we might be able to have the Bibles. We were failing to do a Bible study well, because my fellow brethren were not able to follow along with the verse or chapter of the Bible, because they did not have the Bibles. In our homes too, we were failing to do Bible studies, and it was so tough for us to know the Biblical insights. We were not able to adequately share the Word of God with those whom we have contact with, because there was no Bible to read to them. Thank you so much again for these gifts of Bibles, now we are full. Please pass our thanks on to Heralds of Hope and tell them that we will be praying for them.” – Malawi

“I write with joy and peace of heart as I do express my joy in the Lord even as I equally thank God for your lives. I want to thank you profoundly for your gift way back in 2007. I received a precious and most valuable gift (HOLY BIBLE) from your organization in December 2007 which has turned my whole life and being around. I am currently a full-time minister in The Church of Pentecost, the first time ever having a Bible of my own was through your organization. Little did I know that this wonderful gift from you would bring me this far. I may not be able to say much, but the joy in me for seeing this Bible reminds me of your good deeds and the faithfulness of God. May the good Lord continue to protect and preserve your lives for this worthy cause.” – Ghana

“On behalf of all the people who have received the Bibles, I wish to thank you so very much for providing us with the Bibles. We all had no means of getting Bibles, as you know that, we villagers have a difficult time of getting money to buy a Bible. We thank the donors who have made it possible for you to give us these Bibles. May the living God bless you all. May the living God bless the donors. Above all I thank God who gave you such kind hearts to help those who seek God’s message. God bless you all.” – Malawi

Compiled by Janette Martin.

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