Higher Powered

Years ago, a friend of mine had an old beat-up Dodge van from the 1960s. He was a Believer, and on the back of that old junker was a bumper sticker that said, “higher powered.” I think it was truly an act of God that it ran as well as it did!

I got to thinking about those words, “higher powered.” They describe the ministries of Heralds of Hope. So, let me present to you a couple of things that fit under this expression.

One of our ministry partners in another country (which will remain unnamed) wanted to reach a predominately Muslim area of their country more effectively. What was needed was some “higher power.” In this case, it was an addition to the height of the radio antenna (“higher towered”) that was broadcasting to that area. Through the generosity of God’s people, the funds were committed to raise the height of that tower. Please pray that many Muslim seekers will be drawn to Jesus.


We have sent many English Bibles to this east African country, and we air our English Hope for Today programs there. But when our team from HOH visited this past summer, they learned that Chichewa language Bibles would meet a greater need, as would radio broadcasts in that language. So, join with us in prayer that God would provide the needed funds for the Chichewa broadcasts.

Finally, we have been asked by our Ghanaian partner, Torch Ministries, to broadcast our Bible teaching programs in Ghana in the Asante Twi language. Current plans are to have the program air on two FM stations in southern Ghana. Lord willing, the broadcasts will begin in January 2022. Ask God for wisdom as we choose scripts to share with Pastor Ohene and his team.

– J. Mark Horst