God is Moving

Something is happening; God is moving.  When God starts to move, things get exciting.  In my spirit, beyond the terrible news headlines and grim predictions, there is a sense that the Almighty is beginning to stir his people. Many believe we are moving into the Joel 2:28 time. What a time to be alive!

Recently, a listener found the broadcast on a station in Tennessee and wrote, “You’re putting out a hard-cover message in a paperback age.” The fields are white unto harvest, and we have tremendous opportunities in front of us.

At Heralds of Hope, God is also moving; He’s bringing new staff and board members to fill strategic and crucial roles as He positions the ministry for growth. Welcome aboard. In chatting with my family, someone mentioned that “it’s about like God bringing the animals onto the ark” (just, in this case, it’s talented people), and we look forward to introducing them to you via future website and newsletter updates. If you don’t get our newsletter, sign up here.

God has been thrusting us through the doors of opportunity He’s opening, and we are just trying to hang on for the ride. Our greatest desire is to be faithful stewards of everything He’s given us: time, technology, finances, and most of all, the precious message of Salvation. Would you join us in our mission? Together, we’re reaching the world for Christ, to accomplish His Great Commission, in our lifetime.  
-Jeremy Sensenig