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Do you enjoy listening to the radio? We would love to hear from you if you listen to any of our radio programs! Sometimes we get asked if people are still listening to radio or if it is becoming obsolete. Here are some testimonies from people who enjoy listening to our radio programs in other countries. We hope these testimonies will be an encouragement to you!

“I was morally a corrupt person. But after accepting Jesus as my personal Savior, I repented for my sinful life and received forgiveness. God gave me a new heart. I am now a completely changed person. I thank God for bringing me in touch with this radio program.” – Hindi Listener

“These programs have been useful for my spiritual growth, since I listen to them, I am a different person. I believe that those around me have noticed the change in my life. All thanks to you and your teachings.” – Guarani Listener

“Thank you, Heralds of Hope program producers; for the Gospel messages which inspire our lives. As you know, things become worse, and we are leaving in very risky situations. We are listening to the program in our group and always encourage one another. This program helps us to study the Word of God. Please pray for us; in our country, the peace situation is fluctuating. Sometimes it becomes calm, and we start our routine, but this is not for long. So, our lifestyle cannot be stable. Please pray for those who lost their loved ones. Pray for the church to have love and respect for those grieving. God bless you!” – Oromo Listener

“I want to become a Christian. I will contact you through your numbers to know how I need to go about it.” – Hausa Listener

“I have been a regular listener of Heralds of Hope program for the past five years and I love the Spirit-filled radio messages which are good enough for a devotional even though they are very short. I have gained good knowledge from the messages, and they are very refreshing. Thank you! I cannot express in words the benefits I receive from Heralds of Hope Amharic radio program to our nation where we are in a very fearful situation due to different crises happening lately. This program is the best to my soul and to the body of Christ. It equips us with the Word and gives us the passion to carry the Gospel to others. Continue airing this wonderful message, and God bless you!” – Amharic Listener

“I am from a Muslim background, but now I have left Islam and through your program I’m loving the Christian teachings about God and Jesus. I would like to learn more from you!” – Arabic Listener

christian blogs god gave me a new heart

“I have learned so much from your teaching on Daniel. Please send me a printed script so that I can work through it in my own time. Thank you.” – English Listener

“I am a village woman with a family of five. I have been searching for peace and religious truth for many years. But it was through a relative that I learned about Jesus Christ two years ago. At the time, I had just heard about the gospel but had no deep understanding of it. I’ve been searching for answers to my thirsty soul, and I was led to the church, where pastors taught me many spiritual truths. After that, I learned about the radio programs, and I’ve been tremendously moved and attached to the Heralds of Hope program ever since. That program informed me about the message of eternal life and the message of truth. Through the Holy Spirit, I am now learning to live in peace and joy. The good news is that when I accepted Christ, I was able to disciple my family, and they are now regular listeners.” – Nepali Listener

“Good day, I am a regular listener of the Heralds of Hope program. Keep up the good work! Blessings.” – Swahili Listener

“I have not had peace in my mind for several years. I read so many books and heard so many radio broadcasts and TV broadcasts. I took in all kinds of medicines but did not find the peace I really needed to enjoy. When the Word of God came to touch my heart, I enjoyed the peace from God. I am thrilled about what God has done in my life.” – Telegu Listener

Testimonies compiled by Janette Martin.

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