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What qualities draw you to the businesses or organizations with whom you enjoy dealing?

Sometimes, in the middle of daily routines, it’s easy to forget that the ideals that draw us to others are the same ideals that draw others to us and ultimately to Christ.  We invite you to journey with the Heralds of Hope team as we grow in our ability to practically and honestly assess how we are doing in these areas.  Each one of us needs to ask ourselves the question, “How well am I serving?”

Every one of us is ultimately serving Christ, whether we are working in the for-profit or non-profit sectors. As we serve Him well, we’ll serve others well.  As we grow in serving Christ well, serving others will also grow in meaning and fulfillment. Serving others, then, should be a natural outgrowth of serving Christ. 

At Heralds of Hope, we serve two types of customers with two types of needs. Our “customer base” consists of both donors and beneficiaries.  The two needs each of those customers carry are their felt (expressed) needs, as well as their deep (subconscious) needs.  In the case of every customer we serve, their “felt need” is an awesome doorway to reach into their “deep need”.

For example, a beneficiary listening to the broadcast who does not know Jesus may have a felt need of wanting to know a little about Christianity, or maybe they want to find answers on how to cope with life.  Those daily opportunities to serve, open doors to minister to their deep need for a personal relationship with God the Father, through Jesus Christ.

As you serve today, consider the felt needs of your customers, then use those felt needs as an opportunity to step into their deep needs.  How will your customers view you? Friendly. Responsive. Efficient. Competitive. Focused. Inspirational. Spot-On. They will repeat as customers, and they may just come to Christ as well.

—Jeremy Sensenig

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