Five Reasons You Should Convert

christian blogs 5 reasons to convert

(If you haven’t done so already.)

Conversion, as we discussed in the last blog I wrote back in October, can have several meanings, depending on whether you’re in sales or missions, whether you’re referring to those who need the gospel or to those supporting the work.  As someone who is interested in impacting the world in a significant way for good, here are 5 reasons why you should convert from a casual observer to a full supporter of Heralds of Hope.

You want to impact the world.  We all do. Have you ever wondered whether you’re accomplishing that mission?  Sometimes, in the middle of a busy life, and an especially busy holiday season, it seems like our normal life is anything but world-changing. Yet, it is what we make of it.

Our resources are limited. How do we impact the world with an average amount of resources? We don’t have much time. Finances are tight, for most of us.
If you can identify, then we can help.

We have opportunity. Current technology at our disposal provides a powerful opportunity. You speak the foremost trade language of the world. Furthermore, as U.S. residents, we have a comparatively large percentage of the worlds financial resources. Currently, our opportunities are endless, but the door may close soon.

We are accountable for our use of the opportunities.  Along with opportunity comes a clear call to accountability. There is no need to heap on the guilt, I get it.  Most people would get on board with an opportunity if they have a compelling plan and clear call to action.

Heralds of Hope provides a clear, simple plan for you to impact the world with your limited resources through the use of technology, allowing you to maximize the opportunities you have in this tumultuous but exciting era. We believe it will be possible to reach into nearly every people group within the next 15 years. We are developing an area adoption plan allowing you reach a spiritually needy area of the world of your choice. We have begun to develop our networks of passionate PR affiliates, highly skilled tech workers, as well as in-country ministry partners. We are partnering with digital marketing experts to harness the same powerful tools utilized in the for-profit business world for the purpose of spreading the gospel.  We are developing a strategic plan for organic SEO and targeted ad campaigns, as well as digital media content distribution platforms. If God may be calling you to use your tech or people skills for him, we’d love to chat.

That’s why you should convert, from observer to supporter, possibly even team member.

-Jeremy Sensenig

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