Examined Life

Socrates said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.”   In other words, if we really want our life to produce worthwhile results, we’d better take time to take stock.

1 Corinthians 11:28 commands us to examine ourselves as well. Recently, I have been taking stock personally, and one thing has become clear of my life: I’ve tried to cram way too many items into it!

Some days, it feels like my ADHD childhood self, on a post-candy scramble & energy drink buzz, is filling in the blanks of my schedule. Family. Church. Ministry. Business. It seems like something has to give, but I don’t know what or how to cut anything. Can you identify?

As I cruised through an audiobook on the subject recently (at 1.8 X listening speed), the author prompted some poignant ponderings: “Why do I live at such a frenzied pace? How long has it been since I quietly took time to adore my Lord?” I sensed a surge of longing, akin to hunger. The routines were in place. Reading my Bible? Check. Prayer Time? Check. Church? Check. Small-Group Accountability? Check. Quietly taking time to be still & know, to hear from Jesus, to deeply adore my Lord?  Ummm… it’s been a little while. Maybe a big while.

While I still have not figured out how to extricate myself from much of the frenzy, I am finding keys to quieting my heart. Put down the phone. Make lists, and step back from the stress.  Close my physical eyes, and turn the eyes of my spirit on my risen Lord. That is LIFE. That is a place where stress doesn’t intrude. It’s a place I need not depart. Yes, the examined life is worthwhile.

-Jeremy Sensenig

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