An Open Door – Double Match Opportunity: MET

“I can’t attend church…”

What would you do if the doors to your local church were closed? In North America, we didn’t think that was possible—until the COVID-19 pandemic!

Many people around the world don’t have the privilege to attend church services. Either there’s no church available or they’re prohibited from attending.

How do Christians survive and grow without the blessing of corporate worship?

They turn to media—especially radio. Here’s a response from Tamara in Syria who listens to our Arabic-language programs to the Middle East. She writes: “Your programs are encouraging me through my life and bringing me closer to the Lord. I consider it my Church because I’m deprived of attending church. Bless you, and please keep it going.”

Our two weekly Arabic-language programs are the largest item in our annual international radio budget, $57,000.00!

Approximately 200 million people can be reached by the Arabic programs, making them an open door for Muslims to hear the Gospel. Believers like Tamara also receive encouragement. These programs are not funded by designated gifts. This year, we have received less than 10% of the amount needed for this outreach.

We have additional underfunded international and domestic (US) broadcasts too. The total amount of underfunded broadcasts for 2021 is $353,000.00. So, several donors have stepped forward to offer a $100,000.00 double match.

That means, for every dollar you donate, two more dollars are added! The completed match will enable us to reach the goal of $300,000.00 and ensure that listeners like Tamara will continue to hear the Word!


Nepal has been hit extremely hard by the impact of COVID-19. Numerous listener responses, like this one, mention those hardships. Even as I was writing this letter, the lock-down in Nepal’s Kathmandu Valley was extended into June.

Our two weekly programs in the language of Nepal air on thirty-three FM stations scattered across this mountainous country. The annual cost for these broadcasts is $22,000.00. So far this year, we’ve only received $360.00 designated for this need.

Additional international broadcasts that are unfunded or underfunded are Swahili (Kenya), Telugu (India), Spanish (Latin America), and English. Many listeners testify that the HOH radio programs are a spiritual lifeline for them. To sustain our current radio outreach, we invite you to share in this exciting, $100,000.00 double match. Your gift will be a huge blessing to Tamara and others like her who depend on radio for their spiritual growth and encouragement.

Remember, your gift will be matched, dollar for dollar, from the Double Matching Fund.

Update: the Summer Match has been met! Your gift can no longer be matched. However, any overages will be designated for underfunded broadcasts. Thank you. Check our September/October newsletter for an update on the Summer Matching Fund.

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