Meet Our Staff

J. Mark & Joyce

J. Mark & Joyce Horst | President & Bible Teacher

My primary responsibility is to prepare, record, and produce all radio programing. In addition, I assist in administrative work such as Newsletter prep, writing for the Prayer Guide, and purchasing supplies.

Bob & Donna

Bob & Donna Kauffman | Chief Financial Officer

I work remotely overseeing the ministry finances, including payroll and taxes. I help plan, schedule, and lead PR events. I correspond with indigenous partners and oversee Bible and literature requests received by email.

Tony & Bev

Tony & Bev High | Administrative Assistant

My role is to assist the administrative team with finances, public relations events, and office management. Previously I worked with information technology, so I also aid with in-house IT and web development.

Jeremy & Vanita

Jeremy & Vanita Sensenig | Donor Development

I work remotely assisting the CFO with planning PR events and making contacts with attendees and hosts for these functions. I also work with the donor office in identifying regular donors and working with grants.

Rachel Horst | Reception & Publications Office

I answer all phone calls and emails directed generally to the ministry. I also manage the design for the print materials and advertising. Along with this, I prepare board reports, agendas, and minutes.

Eric Druist | Mailroom & Int’l Office

I process all major USA and Canada mailings. I also respond to int’l literature and Bible requests and make sure the orders are fulfilled and shipped. I assist in inventory management and graphic design.

Janette Martin | Donor Office

I take care of donations and making sure donor information is up-to-date. I also assist Tony, the Administrative Assistant with his duties.