International Radio

The major portion of our annual budget is spent on international radio broadcasting. Our broadcasts have a potential audience of millions of people every week. Not all of these broadcasts are fully sponsored, so you can contribute to the one(s) you wish to help sponsor.

We are currently broadcasting in the following languages:
Albanian – Albania
Amharic – Ethiopia
Arabic – The Middle East, North Africa, Europe
English – North America, Africa, Asia, Europe
French – Quebec
Guarani – Paraguay
Hausa – Nigeria
Hindi – Northern India
Korean – North Korea
Mandarin – Mainland China
Nepali – Nepal
Oromo – Ethiopia
Pashto – Afghanistan, Pakistan, and NW India
Spanish – Latin America, Spain, U.S.
Swahili – Kenya
Turkish – Turkey

Here is a non-exhaustive list of our international broadcasts through TWR.

Other radio partners include:
Pan American Broadcasting (Africa, North Korea, & more);
Radio 7 (Albania, part of Media 7);
Shema Media Group (Turkey, 4 stations, and growing).

Additional partner ministries will be featured later. Come to one of our programs to learn more.

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