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International Broadcasting Schedule

I. English - “Hope For Today”

Radio Africa - West Africa         15190khz          20:15UTC            Fri.
Radio Africa - East Africa          15190khz           16:30UTC           Tue.

KTWR-Guam - SE Asia              11965khz           10:30UTC           Fri.
Radio Taiwan - China, Hong Kong, Taiwan 1098AM              5:45pm           Sun

TWR-Swaziland - C Africa             9500khz            6:45UTC         Sun.
TWR-Swaziland - S Africa             3200khz            7:45UTC         Sun.
TWR-Swaziland - S Africa             4775khz            7:45UTC         Sun.
TWR-Swaziland - S Africa             6120khz            9:30UTC         Sun.
TWR-Malawi                                100FM           21:30UTC          Sun
Bible Voice India                     17.600khz           15:15UTC          Sat.

WWCR  Africa                       15.825mhz           14:30UTC          Tue.

Joyful Skies - Israel            98.7/107.5FM

Baghdad Beacon - Iraq


II. Other Languages

Albanian (Albania) - “Messages of Hope”        Radio 7                            97.7FM             19:30UTC        Sat./Sun.

Arabic (Iraq) - “Hope for Today”                  Pan American                                              3:00pm         Wed./Sat.

French (Quebec, CA)                                 Aujourd' hui L'Espoir          Internet        

Guarani (Paraguy) - “Hope for Today””          TWR - RTM                   16 stations              5:00am          Mon.-Fri.

Hausa (W. Africa) - “Hope for Today”            TWR - Benin                    1566AM             4:45UTC          Sun.

Hindi (India) - “Light of Hope”                      TWR - CIS                        7505khz           14:30UTC          Mon.-Fri.        

Mandarin (China) - “New Hope”                    KTWR - Guam Asia             9910khz      10:30am/12:00pm          Sat./Sun.

Nepali (Nepal) - “Hope for Today”                 TWR Nepal               21 FM stations                  

Oromo (Ethiopia) - “Hope for Today”             TWR - Johannesburg         7215khz             6:30UTC           Tue.

Amharic (Ethiopia) - “TNHR”                          TWR - Johannesburg         7215khz            18:30UTC          Sun.

Pashto (Pakistan, Afghanistan, North India) "Word of Hope"  TWR

Spanish (US./Latin Am.) - “Secure Hope”        TWR                                1566AM             4:45UTC          Sun.

Swahili (Kenya) - “Hope for Today”                TWR - Sifa FM             6 FM stations           19:45UTC           Mon.-Fri.

Turkish (Turkey) - "Hope for Today "              Radio Shema                         98FM        9am/5:30pm         Tue./Sun.

Turkish (Turkey) - "Hope for Today "              Radio Light                        103.6FM      10am/7:45pm        Tue./Sun.