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I and my wife are usually in conflict over many useless things. One day while we were eating and already arguing, I tired of it and opened my radio which was close to me. I did not know what I was looking for but while simply rolling the tuner I stopped it at somebody's preaching. I listened to it and the preacher was talking about husband and wife. I listened to it and my wife was also listening quietly. From that session we learned how to talk to each other politely. At the end of the program I said sorry to my wife for the first time. She also said to me "I am very sorry". Since then we usually listen to the program. Now we have peace in our marriage. Thank you.

Amharic listener in Ethiopia

I would like to thank God for your ministry on the radio! I could seriously take up pages to witness how much God has used your program to build me up in the Word. I ask for your prayers, and please send me a printed manuscript of the teachings “Counsels of a Young Leader” and "Vessels of Honor.” As a senior in High school, God has really used your program to help me continue in the Word. Also to show me that there ARE Christians in America that want the unaltered Word of God and who teach everything in the Bible without shame or fear of what man thinks! Praise God!

by E-mail (USA)

I listen to your Sunday broadcast on WBGM. Thank you for getting out the Word of God by radio. I do not have a love offering but you’re in my prayers on Sunday after I hear your broadcast because that's when I find myself thanking God and confessing my sins. I am requesting your written message, “Breaking Covenant.” If you are able to send others along with this request I and the brothers here would be blessed. Thank you.

Pennsylvania, USA

I listened to messages on the Radio Africa and made me increase in the knowledge of the Lord. I am a new convert growing in the Lord through your program. I belong to occult group before and I have committed many awful things before. But I have confessed all my sins to God. I have converted all my family and many of my friends have been converted. We have destroyed our shrines.

Nigeria, Africa

I grew up in a Muslim family and I hated in my heart because how it treated women. I never talked with my friends of family about it, I couldn’t. As I listen to your program on radio my heart changed and I felt loved by the God you were talking about. The first time I felt that I worth something to Him. I got a Bible and started to read. I’m listening to your programs since 4 months in secret. I gave my heart to Christ. My family does not know about it, I can’t tell them.

 Female/ 24 years old, Turkey



We greet you in Jesus name. When I say 'we' I mean with my whole family. We like your radio programs and are inviting others to listen to this radio programs like us. Many people here have radios but they listen to rubbish things like worldly songs. Please pray with me so that these people come to Jesus and listen to the Word of God with me. Thank you.

Oromo listener in Ethiopia

In the beginning I hate the Word of God you are preaching. It's like it had no meaning to my heart. But as time goes on the Word of God has become a cornerstone on my life. Please and please kindly send me Holy Bible. I have no Bible and am not happy at all. Extend my greetings to all your member of Heralds of Hope.

Nigeria, Africa

I reference and sincerely honor the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, who's supremacy is higher and mightier than the earthly kings, who practice ritual and appease gods and deities all the time. I want to express my profound gratitude to the Christian association of Nigeria who came to my palace to preach salvation to me I want to say that their preaching had made me to know the difference between light and darkness I had burnt all the ritual and evil altars in my place, many of my chiefs and kinsmen are now Christian. There are few churches in my area. As a result I have built a new auditorium where people worship God and listen to your radio message.

Nigeria, Africa

I recently was flipping through the dial, I found you. Since that time, I have not stopped listening to you and I want to give you great congratulations.

Spanish program response from Cuba

I live in an area where there is not any church, and I do not know any fellow believers. My sister became a Believer five years ago and she told about God and she encouraged me to listen to Radio 7. I am blessed by this Christian radio. I try to read the Bible myself, but many things I do not understand, so the program helps me a lot. It is such a great blessing for me.

Southwest Albania

My brother and I love to listen to your program Asha Deep. Though we feel tiredness after returning to home from work we daily tune our radio set to find your program. Every day your program gives us basic teachings of Christian life. We daily read the Bible.



I like your program. Your program gives me a lot of help. My spiritual life grows a lot. My families are Christians. The teaching of our local church is far away from the Biblical truth. I don't know what to do now. Please pray for us.


The tracts and Bible that you sent to me has reached me and I am working on it. My prayer for you is, God will give unto you a hundred fold and individually too He will bless you and your generation.


I was a drug addict for many years. God in His own way sent a friend to give me a tract that came from your ministry (The Choice Is Yours). I was touched by the message and accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior and Lord.


I thank God that I had been redeemed by the blood of Jesus. I was the head and president of all the cultist students in my school. I had been killing and drinking human blood before, but today I have a great assurance that the blood of Jesus Christ has cleansed me from my guilt. Since I have been hearing your soul-lifting messages on Radio Africa, many of my cult members have also given their life to Christ.



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